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Doncaster Pride

On the 6th of August Doncaster had a gay pride day with a march from the city center to a nearby park, I set myself up at the park entrance by the war memorial to try and get some thought-provoking images as the march walked by. Canon 5D MK4  Been out with my forgotten Canon … Continue reading Doncaster Pride


Not been very well lately, just waiting for a brain scan, as my left side is weaker than my right, and it’s a real struggle to stand up after being sat down! Also no motivation at all! Only been out a few times with the cameras, as I tend to sit watching YouTube videos about … Continue reading Health. 


I have the Q and very enjoyable it is to use, and I like Black&White photography, “I used to go under the name Monopics as most of the work I did was black & white” so I have only gone and bought the Q2 Monochrom. Just now getting out to use them! As I write … Continue reading Leica.

New monitor 

My new 14in M1 MacBook Pro is great, now need a monitor for it, I have gone for a BenQ 27in photography one at £650 so relatively cheap as photo monitors go, what I have read about it it’s meant to be good.  Got it all set up in about one hour, then played with … Continue reading New monitor 


I have now sold my dad’s old place and been paid out, so that bit of my life is over. The family had a good Christmas and I am looking forward to 2022 which makes a change normally I hate the future and tend to look at my past but this year is all forward. … Continue reading 2022.

Not doing a lot.

The weather has not been that good over the past few weeks so not a lot accomplished no walking or taking images! Just being lazy (So not good) December is here so what has it got to offer? On 02/12/21 I went to Retford to do some street photography I managed to take over 100 … Continue reading Not doing a lot.

Amazon Prime

I have been a prime member for about a year and a half and not bothered with the free photo storage in the cloud, so for the last few days I have been uploading my 2019 images, I have found that it likes the Canon raw CR2 files and DNG but does not like the … Continue reading Amazon Prime

Things I have forgot.

 I had a print excepted in D31 art gallery in Doncaster, last month that was nice, up on the wall for all to see for a few weeks, just need to do more. Stock/Website  I have sold 7 images on stock over the last 2 months and made a fantastic amount! Let’s buy a Leica! … Continue reading Things I have forgot.


I hope to get out more ( I know I say it every month! ) But this month I will!! Good news I have sold my Dad’s place, I didn’t get as much as I had hoped, now just waiting for the contracts to be done. WordPress I am going to be using a WordPress … Continue reading October


Did not go to plan, the weather was not very good also I could not find the motivation to find anywhere to drive to most of the time. I did three shoots that I managed to get some images from, one a Dawn shoot at Hatfield Main that was enjoyable even at 5am, the next … Continue reading August.