Did not go to plan, the weather was not very good also I could not find the motivation to find anywhere to drive to most of the time. I did three shoots that I managed to get some images from, one a Dawn shoot at Hatfield Main that was enjoyable even at 5am, the next two were at an old world war two Hangar on what was RAF Finningley now Robin Hood Airport, the first was on a sunny day and I was just driving a round looking for something interesting and found the Hangars the one I shot is being used on the Airport but you can get to it with out going on site. It looked really good so I went back a few days later at dusk and shot it as it was getting dark.


On the 2nd of September I did my print talk with Martin to help, Fluke and Flaw in front of real live people! At Grimsby camera club that I enjoyed when I got started, but was very nervous all day leading up to it.


What have I got planed! Well nothing! We will just have to see what happens I know I need to get out and exercise more, and try and be more motivated. 

I have been out I went to RAF Waddington to see some planes, only saw 3 and one was a large drone.

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Photographer, from South Yorkshire England.

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