Things I have forgot.

 I had a print excepted in D31 art gallery in Doncaster, last month that was nice, up on the wall for all to see for a few weeks, just need to do more.


 I have sold 7 images on stock over the last 2 months and made a fantastic amount! Let’s buy a Leica! $2.56. And I have about 10 or so images to put through Lightroom, and make them look good, then caption and keyword to put on stock, so you are looking at about 10 minuets per image! Is it worth it? It’s like this website and blog, I only get about 4 or 5 visits a week, it should be 40 to 50 per week to make it worth it? But I know I would have to have an interesting life and share it to get a good following. But I enjoy doing them both and at the moment I have plenty of time.

Leica, WSBK.

I have been thinking of buying a Leica Q2 M when I get the money from my dad’s property sale, also I have been thinking of going to do World Superbikes over the next few years before I get to old! But I did not get what I was told I would from the sale, so it looks like only doing 2 or 3 rounds a year. So it looks like Assen, and Magny Cours. 

Last thing. My dad’s property sale fell through, so it’s on sale again. Just hope it sells before winter hits.

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Photographer, from South Yorkshire England.

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