Not doing a lot.

The weather has not been that good over the past few weeks so not a lot accomplished no walking or taking images! Just being lazy (So not good) December is here so what has it got to offer? On 02/12/21 I went to Retford to do some street photography I managed to take over 100 images but had to stop as the cold got to my fingers and I could not operate the camera.        

You can see some of the images in “Latest images”


I had a dream the other night, that I bought a Leica Q2, and it took me a week or two to get used to it. When I did I was getting some good images so I put some of them on the Leica Fotografie international website and had 2 selected for the Leica Master Shots “which is nice” Then the Leica store in Manchester had one of my images printed and put on the wall in the shop. Then I woke up! But it was one of the better dreams I have had.  

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Photographer, from South Yorkshire England.

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