I have now sold my dad’s old place and been paid out, so that bit of my life is over. The family had a good Christmas and I am looking forward to 2022 which makes a change normally I hate the future and tend to look at my past but this year is all forward.

Leica Q

I have dreamed of owning a Leica since I started photography using film and I have one! A Leica Q I picked it up off eBay for a good price. What bit of time I have had with it I think I will enjoy using it.

New car.

I am going to have to stop going on eBay as I found one of my dream cars at the right price it’s an old car in the scheme of things a 2009 Mercedes Benz A 160 in black with 81 thousand miles on the clock and it drives and looks superb.  

Street photography.

Been out around Doncaster with the Leica Q on a very cold sunny 5th of January, I managed to take 107 images with the new camera, and really enjoyed myself I took a lot from the belly and did not use the viewfinder.

The latest images are here.

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Photographer, from South Yorkshire England.

2 thoughts on “2022.”

  1. Good for you Dave ! Doesn’t matter wether you use a Leica or a Box Brownie, your images are still brilliant and Love to see them ! Glad your on th mend ..Fly high my friend 🎈🎈


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