New monitor 

My new 14in M1 MacBook Pro is great, now need a monitor for it, I have gone for a BenQ 27in photography one at £650 so relatively cheap as photo monitors go, what I have read about it it’s meant to be good. 

Got it all set up in about one hour, then played with the settings, now happy with it. It looks good on my desk, and the screen itself is great the colours on it are brilliant. 

The car

The Merc is fantastic it drives nice, just need an update on the radio and it will be perfect.

Leica Q

What a great camera it’s small light and the images from it are fantastic. I am glad I got the Q and not splashed out £4500 on the Q2 as the Q is perfect for what I do. At the moment!

Canon 5D mk4 

I have not used it as much as I would have liked as I missed 2 weeks because I was laid up with a pulled muscle in my lower back so could not go out plus the weather has not been that good. 

Went out on February 1st and only used the mk4 I had it set up basically like my old mk2 with back button focus but after using the Leica Q with focus on half-press of the shutter button, I must admit I struggled with it, so when I came home I reset everything on the camera, now just need to go out and retest it.

The latest images are here.

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Photographer, from South Yorkshire England.

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