Not been very well lately, just waiting for a brain scan, as my left side is weaker than my right, and it’s a real struggle to stand up after being sat down! Also no motivation at all! Only been out a few times with the cameras, as I tend to sit watching YouTube videos about photography, but don’t have any energy to go out and do real photography.

My walking is getting worse, I need to stop every 100 yards or so for a rest so not very enjoyable.

Apart from that, I am fine!


My station project is not going to plan as I am just struggling to walk from the car park to the station, then walking around the station to get different images I’m finding very hard.

Sigma Lens.

I bought a radio scanner to listen to the planes that come and go from Robin Hood airport that’s about 5 miles away, my thinking is I will have drives out to different airports, and some RAF stations, and take some images of the planes when I’m there, I am also thinking of buying a long lens as the longest I have now is 200mm, so the Sigma 150/600mm looks good, but second hand there about £800 to a £1000 so not cheap just for me sometimes going to the airports. Is it worth it?

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