Doncaster Pride

On the 6th of August Doncaster had a gay pride day with a march from the city center to a nearby park, I set myself up at the park entrance by the war memorial to try and get some thought-provoking images as the march walked by.

Canon 5D MK4 

Been out with my forgotten Canon 5D MK4 around Doncaster with my friend Martin, the reason for this is I am doing some images for the stock agencies and it’s easier, as it has a 24/105 lens attached so I can get close-ups without moving. 

Not very well.

As I was saying in the last blog I have not been feeling good, lack energy, and my walking getting worse, I have been to a specialist and been checked over, and he has said I have the start of Parkinson’s, so that’s a bit of a shock. 

Doncaster Station.

Last week Martin and I had a few hours taking images on the Station, Martin used my Leica Q, and I used the Q2Mono. I took some good images for my project about the Station.

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One thought on “Doncaster Pride

  1. So sorry to hear your bad news DC, but at least you now know where you are as opposed to not understanding what is happening.


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